What We Do

Client Company Perspective

CarterMacKay’s capabilities range from backfilling vacant positions through the build out of entire sales and marketing teams. We offer a complete staffing solution including consultation, strategy and execution. The positions we handle extend from field sales representatives through senior sales and marketing management positions.

CarterMacKay’s organizational structure pivots around Account Managers who work with a roster of clients within their vertical markets and solicit candidates to satisfy the staffing needs of these clients. Through vertical specialization, each AM is firmly entrenched in one or two market segments. This approach ensures that the AM is highly knowledgeable of the client’s industry and enables a more focused search for the ideal candidate.

The old adage “time is money” applies in two ways to the recruiting process. Because of our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ industry segments, we can discuss needs and form a mutually agreed upon game plan quickly which initially saves time. Subsequently, time is saved in the screening and review process with the client because we know where to find the most suitable candidates for the position(s) and present a short list once our research is completed.

``Quality, not quantity`` is one of our basic philosophies at CarterMacKay. For an AM to be well regarded by a client, strong screening techniques are essential and the list of qualified candidates has to be pared down to a select few, which enables the client to make a choice from the best of the best in a short period of time.

Our experienced staff of AM’s has a network in place to assure access to the highest caliber pool of candidates available. When a staffing need arises, they can move expeditiously so that the client experiences minimal downtime due to the vacancy. Our candidates are secured through pro-active recruiting, networking, referrals, database search and advertising.

Each AM is part of a team supervised by a manager who functions as the team leader. CarterMacKay’s teams are comprised of AM’s handling allied markets or the same markets, but different geographies. The manager is extensively involved with the initial training of new hires and the advanced education of established AM’s. The manager is responsible for maintaining the high quality of our services and making certain that any issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

We have found that the lone wolf strategy does not work well in our industry. It is very easy for an individual AM to lose their edge in a rapidly evolving business climate if there is little or no interaction with peers and management. CarterMacKay’s objective is to encourage the sharing of information so that our AM’s can operate with the most contemporary skills available in the recruiting industry today.

Each manager at CarterMacKay is a working manager who services his or her select clients. This approach gives management the ability to relate to the members of his or her team on a shared level and deal with specific needs from a position of practical experience. Our managers work side by side with their team members daily and the advice they offer is based on techniques they are currently utilizing.

While each AM handles the search from acceptance of the assignment to delivery of the selected candidate, a support staff is a necessary part of the process. In addition to continuous administrative support, an AM has access to a research staff to assist in locating candidates for a client. They enable our AM’s to present candidates to our clients who are not actively seeking new employment. Researchers are particularly supportive when new clients are setting up field organizations for the first time and when established clients are in an expansion mode.

It is essential that the new position accepted by a candidate be an upgrade from their current one. Career steps are important from a standpoint of job satisfaction and helps maintain a high motivation level.

Candidate Perspective

It has been said that there is nothing more certain than change. In today’s world, most individuals will change jobs a minimum of five times from the point they first enter the work force until retirement. The change can be a very nerve wracking experience. Candidates have frequently informed us that seeking a new position is more labor intensive than the job itself.

At CarterMacKay our AM’s try to streamline the experience by listening to the candidate’s assessment of his or her situation, asking the right questions regarding needs and then finding opportunities that fulfill those needs. It is critical that trust between the AM and the candidate be established immediately. The best way to accomplish this is for both parties to be candid with each other.

Our AM’s function is in a consultative capacity with both candidates and clients. While they are not industrial psychologists or career counselors by education, our AM’s, through training and practical experience, are knowledgeable in helping candidates move their careers forward.

Companies of all sizes are more subject to change in today’s market than ever before. Companies have undergone downsizing, been sold, or merged with other organizations and even gone bankrupt. Therefore, it is also essential that the position a candidate accepts through our services improves his or her marketability. Should the need arise to find a new position at a later date; the process becomes less arduous due to the increased desirability of the candidate’s qualifications.

Client/Candidate Common Goals

The ultimate goal at CarterMacKay is to secure positions for our candidates with companies that will appreciate and acknowledge their productivity with increases in compensation and promotions as warranted. There is no better endorsement for a recruiting firm than a strong track record with a client where the performance of the individuals placed is outstanding, the retention rate is high, and the opportunity for career growth is substantial. In this situation, everybody wins.