Contract Services

Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology: National Recruiting Programs

We believe that our approach to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets is ideally suited to companies seeking to partner with a sole source provider of high caliber talent across the nation.

Overview and Philosophy

Since our inception in 1970, CarterMacKay has serviced sales, sales management and marketing positions within the pharmaceutical / biotechnology / healthcare industry. The organization initially employed one Account Manager working in our original office in Great Neck, NY who was exclusive to the pharmaceutical marketplace and primarily handled positions based within the New York Metropolitan area. Over the past five decades, CarterMacKay has grown our Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Healthcare division tremendously employing anywhere between 15 to 25 healthcare recruiting specialists that cover the United States. All of our work is performed in house. This enables us to maintain a very high level of quality control through an extremely well developed training program, both for new additions to our staff as well as continuing education for our senior staff.


Within our organization, recruiting and consulting go hand in hand. Due to the fact that we are a highly specialized recruiting firm, we not only supply client companies with the highest caliber talent for their staffing needs, but also offer consulting capabilities. We have offered assistance to many clients with respect to: design of compensation plans, implementation of employee retention programs, expansion analysis and interviewing/hiring methodologies.


Upon execution of an agreement, a staff conference is scheduled with the relevant members of the team. At this point the client company, products, position descriptions, and qualifications are reviewed.

Pricing and Guaranteed Performance

We are very proud of the outstanding reputation CarterMacKay has achieved over the years. Our project pricing is very competitive and even more reasonable when our value added services are factored into the project. We fully guarantee our work.