World-class healthcare organizations need World-class talent. Having access to a refined list of leading healthcare executives is paramount to a growing organization. CarterMacKay is constantly connecting with premiere, successful talent to help build your organization on a contingency or retained basis.


  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
    • Oncology/Hematology
    • Rare Disease
    • Rheumatology
    • Transplant
    • Dermatology
    • Infectious Disease
  • Pharmaceutical Advertising
  • Medical Disposable Products
  • Medical/Surgical Equipment (patient monitoring, endoscopy, lasers, EKG, EEG)
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Equipment and Supplies
  • Surgical Implantable Products (pacemakers, orthopedics, heart valves, grafts)
  • Diagnostic Imaging Equipment and Supplies
  • Healthcare Information Systems (HIS, RIS, PACS)
  • Therapeutic Single Use Products (angioplasty, coronary stents)

Quincy, MA

Quincy, MA
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Quincy, MA 02169

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Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC
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Charleston, SC 29401

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Our Clients

Our client companies range in size from start-up to Fortune 100